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Latest documentation updates

Latest documentation updates

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  • July 19: Standardized how we refer to headings and title text on the page. Previously we used the word headline, but that can be confusing in other languages.
  • July 13: Updated the User Agent string for AdsBot Mobile Web. If you hardcoded the old value in your code, update the string to avoid potential bugs.
  • July 7: Added a new page for Google Search ranking updates. This is not new information; it’s a compiled list of things we’ve previously confirmed on our blog or on Twitter.
  • July 6: Reorganized the navigational structure to be based on topic instead of level. Removed duplicate guides that were aimed at basic or beginner level, as these documents were duplicating guidance already explained in the SEO Starter Guide.
  • July 4: Clarified that you must add three courses to be eligible for the Course rich result. This is not a new requirement; it was previously only documented in the Carousel documentation.

June 2022

May 2022

  • May 31: Removed the Job training structured data documentation. We initially tested this markup with a group of site owners, and ultimately found that it wasn’t useful for the ecosystem at scale. This change doesn’t affect any other features that may use Job training markup. You can leave the markup on your site so that search engines can better understand your web page.
  • May 22: Added transparency guidelines for video thumbnails. Ensure that at least 80% of your thumbnail pixels have little or no transparency to enable video indexing.

April 2022

  • April 14: Consolidated our How Search Works documentation for site owners by merging the basic, beginner, and advanced versions into one central document. While we cleaned up the language slightly, we haven’t added anything new to the How Search Works documentation.

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